RIP dear Patches





Whatever happened to Patches? Patches was the most handsome, friendly, laid back dog and very, very special to me. Ripped from his happy home at the now closed Waipukurau SPCA, Patches was transferred to the confines of the Hastings SPCA. Now Patches is no longer. I walked him on Thursday at Hastings and was asked if he ever tried to nip me — I have never experienced anything but love from Patches. He was reluctant to return to the kennels (who can blame him) but responded to gentle persuasion. Patches evidently had a couple of “incidents” with staff at the shelter and was euthanised. Confined as he was, I feel Patches had become kennel weary and frustrated. Had Patches remained in our care at the Waipukurau Centre I believe he would still be happy and alive. He would have had space to run off his energy in the beautiful paddock and lovely walks on the river trails — not a walk up and down the road verge with no variety. In my opinion the loss of the CHB SPCA Centre caused Patches suffering and demise. How many other animals will suffer due to crowded, cramped facilities and staff without the time to love them? Love you Patches. Gaye Campbell Waipukurau