Hush Little Baby by R.H. Herron, Penguin Random House, $35

Linda Hall





Jillian is pregnant. She’s also a doctor, a recovering alcoholic, and has recently split with her wife Rochelle. On the bright side Jillian has a fantastic group of friends, all of them pregnant as well. However, things have been happening at Jillian’s house. Unexplained things, such as a missing baby diary, noises at night, a window left open. Is she being paranoid, is it her baby brain playing tricks on her or is someone messing with her mind? She ends up fighting with her friends, accusing her ex of messing with her and feeling as if the world is closing in on her. She can’t understand why anyone would want to make her feel as if she were losing her mind unless someone wants her baby. Jillian will do anything to protect her baby. Thrilling, gripping and a darn good read. —