Collection worth taking time over





Burning Questions By Margaret Atwood, Penguin Random House, $48 Margaret Atwood has written more than 50 books — fiction, poetry, critical essays — and her Handmaid’s Tale was back on the best seller list when Donald Trump was elected US president and it looked like becoming fact rather than fiction. She’s now in her 80s and this collection of her essays includes her answers to questions such as why do people tell stories, how can we live on our planet with climate change, and many more. They are funny, they are intellectual and very readable. They cover the past 20 or so years of her commentary on the world, her third book of essays since 1960. There’s a sense this could be her last collection, and that she’s quite comfortable with that. This is a book to dip into, read an essay and then mull over her words for a day or two before you dip into the next one. — Linda Thompson