Can you help Pam ‘fly’ into legal exec job?

New grad ready for all your paperwork!

Janine Baalbergen





Another bright young woman is raring to go into the workforce as soon as she can find a job as legal executive. Pamela Winter (Pam to her friends), graduated from high school and put herself through a correspondence course, and raised a happy, healthy son, who is now almost 9. Now, Pam is ready to reflect on her life and take her place on Waiopehu College Teen Parent Unit/He Whare Manaaki Tangata’s Honours Board. The unit has changed many lives for young women and their babies over the years. Successful students go on the unit’s Honour Board, high up on the wall in the entrance hallway, so the idea young people can succeed in life is not lost on the current students, however they may be struggling trying to juggle an education with raising a family on their own. Pam graduated from high school thanks to the unit, and put herself through the Open PolyTechnic, completing the three-year diploma course to be a legal executive. “Initially I thought my life was over,” she said. “I left school while pregnant and assumed my chances at an education were completely gone. He Whare Manaaki Tangata’s/ the Teen Parent Unit gave me hope, and showed becoming a mum wasn’t the end, and they have been great throughout.” It gave her a place to belong and she has found plenty of support there. Even after graduating and moving on, the unit’s manager stayed in touch to empower and encourage her. “It was great to be with other teen mums and share problems, figure out questions, and realise life wasn’t over for any of us.” She picked a career as legal executive because she “loves paperwork”, which is also handy when studying by correspondence. She was organised and determined enough to make it work, creating herself a small study nook at home and just putting down her head and getting through the course. She graduated in 2020 but because of the pandemic has had difficulty finding a job, especially since she does not drive, limiting herself pretty much to a job in Levin. “I’d like to do a job that makes me happy,” she said. She has her CV ready, complete with references. Whāea Misty Sciascia and Fleur Netten, from the Teen Parent Unit/He Whare Manaaki Tangata, are also more than happy to provide references for her. “She has always been an academic and is quite methodical in everything,” they say. “Her attendance record at the unit was one of the best. She’s all set to fly. We always knew she would be successful. She is trustworthy and had very high levels of integrity. She’ll be an asset to any law firm prepared to give her a go.” If you need a legal executive and want to give Pam a go, ring whāea Fleur or Misty at the Teen Parent Unit/ He Whare Manaaki Tangata (06) 368 1073 and they will put you in touch with Pam.