Kapiti News - 2021-10-13




If you have connecting spaces such as en suites or walk-in wardrobes, paint the smaller space in the same shade as the main room, but a slightly lighter or darker colour. This gives a sense of hidden depths and makes both spaces appear roomier. Don’t stick to block colours. Geometric shapes work well to add architectural interest to plain rooms and help define different use areas. Shapes with straight lines are good if you’re nervous about getting things right, but circles are simple with the assistance of a nail, some string and a pencil. Always pencil your shapes on first. Plants are another great way to emphasise different spaces within a larger room. Cluster several around couches for a more secluded conversation space. Wooden screens and backless shelving units are simple to paint in any colour that suits and are really effective ways to divide spaces. Plus they’re easy to move if your needs and tastes change. Lighting — natural or artificial — is one of your most important tools when it comes to defining spaces. Think about how hotels layer lighting for different use areas.


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