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ARIES—March 21-April 20 Reaction to your academic plans is upbeat. Take time out to enjoy new recreational activities. Expensive obligations may be shared with another party. Romantic tiffs can be resolved. TAURUS—April 21-May 22 You are in a highly influential position, especially in the eyes of older persons. This is a good period for taking inventory and asking for money. An old friend shows a new side to his/her behaviour. GEMINI—May 23-June 21 Suprise visits and optimistic business announcements are highlights of the week. Don’t take on a major project without considering your investment of time, energy and emotions. CANCER—June 22-July 22 This is a good time for experimenting in various fields but not in finance. The emphasis is on laying the ground work for important projects. A one time admirer may step into the picture. LEO—July 23-August 22 A conflict between reality and dreams peaks by the weekend. Reserve time for soul searching and sorting out priorities. Multiple financial gains possible after Monday. VIRGO—August 23-September 22 Do-it-yourself chores, such as household repairs, may not be worth the aggravation. Perhaps a neighbour or relative can help. An old friend you have’nt seen for years may turn up later in the week. LIBRA—September 23-October 22 The romantic picture becomes more complicated before you see where you are headed. A professional partnership may be launched by Tuesday. A contract or some agreement may be subject to delay. SCORPIO—October 23-November 21 Long-awaited news comes by the end of the week. Diversification is the keyword on the job. Travel may include some mixups. Shopping with friends can turn out to be very expensive. SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22 Pay debts promptly, meet as many social obligations as you can - this is a quiet time that precedes a sustained period of activity. Be alert to oppurtunists in your midst CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20 A career oppurtunity may open up. In interviews, be forthright without being aggressive. Social times are lively, though much of the fun is on a superficial level. A loved one is apologetic. AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19 You can be on your own more than you planned, providing time for important introspection. Money earning talents are improving, but don’t make any premature moves PISCES—February 20-March 20 Time to move into the future, not dwell on past feuds. Romance is on your mind more than usual, and believe it or not, romance is on your partners mind also. BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK You are known for qualities of bravery and leadership, impulsiveness and stubbornness. During the next seven months the accent shifts toward greater independance. Extensive travel is accented - make an effort to broaded your horizons.


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