Rotorua Weekender - 2021-11-26


Red light runners a big risk to others


There has been plenty of talk over recent weeks about traffic light systems. I actually find the whole concept of the Covid protection system pretty easy to understand within the broad scope of it all, but like all these new rushed through ideas, the devil will be in the detail. I do fear we will move into Red next week, which as reported this week will be another kick in the guts for our community. But I live in hope until the announcement gets made. But back to traffic lights. The stretch of Amohau St from Fenton to Ranolf can be frustrating as a driver if you catch red lights all the way along this piece of tarmac. More and more red lights are being run, and there is no reason for it. One of the most dangerous is the lights that control the crossing from Tutanekai to Rotorua Central. As a pedestrian, I have twice within the past week been less than a metre away from being hit by cars going straight through a red light. Take care out there Rotorua, and drivers need to pay more attention and plan for trips to take longer. Supply woes pose elf hazard It is crazy to think that Christmas is now less than a month away. But with that revelation comes the joy of Christmas music (yes, it will be coming soon to The Hits), decorations in the house, and one of my favourite things on social media, Elf on a Shelf. If you are not aware of the phenomenon, this is a popular doll that parents place around their home in the run-up to Christmas to “monitor” if the kids are being naughty or nice. Kids then find the elf in a different spot each morning. I am constantly amazed by the creativity of parents . . . ahem, sorry, the elves . . . but that creativity may need to be a bit different this year. It seems the Elf on a Shelf may be the latest item that could be in short supply this year, thanks to the supply chain backlog. All kinds of businesses across the globe have been scrambling to manage a stalled supply chain that's created a serious backlog of inventory at major ports and a shortage of workers to deliver it. But the problem is particularly harrowing for companies that make a highly seasonal product with a tight sales window, like the Elf on the Shelf. I suppose we can just tell kids the elf is still judging them, but this year from a dark shipping container in a crowded, far-off port via some fancy smartphone-based technology. Light relief for Christmas On the subject of Christmas, how sad that Rotorua had to join the growing list of Christmas parades being cancelled across the country. But the Christmas Lights Trail for 2021 is back thanks to Professionals Mcdowell Real Estate. Plenty of locals have signed up to decorate their homes and light up Rotorua from next Wednesday, so keep an eye on our website to download a location map. Paul Hickey is the host of the local Rotorua show on The Hits Rotorua weekdays between 9am and 3pm. Listen on 97.5FM or download the iheartradio app. Follow The Hits Rotorua and Paul on Facebook and Instagram.


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