Tis the season for setting some goals

Shauni James






Hi everyone, I hope you have all had a great week and are keeping well. So, 2022 has begun. I love the feeling that comes along with the start of a new year. I just get so motivated thinking about the year ahead and considering what goals I would like to achieve. Yes, I’m one of those people who set new year resolutions (and usually don’t end up completing half of them). However, this year I am absolutely determined to tick them all off. A few examples of my resolutions include: Reading 20 books this year, complete writing a form of literature — whether that’s a book, anthology of poems, or screenwriting, learn a new language (Korean) and enter at least four running races throughout the year. Do you have any New Year resolutions for 2022? If so, let’s go, we’ve got this! With 2022, hopefully there will be the chance to start going to more community events. Make sure you don’t miss the upcoming Latin American Fiesta 2022, which is running alongside the Rotorua Night Market on Thursday. It certainly sounds like it’s going to be a vibrant, fun atmosphere for all ages to enjoy. And I’m sure the food will be mouth-watering! There will also be some great opportunities to get on yer bike and get pedalling with the Rotorua Bike Festival returning in February. Biking is such an integral part of our Rotorua community, and it’s awesome to have a festival where both beginners and more advanced riders can find something to enjoy. There is plenty more to read about in this edition, including an update with the artists currently part of The Arts Village’s summer residency, activity boxes made up by the Rotorua Library which have been making a difference in the community, information on the Gowns and Geysers television show airing soon and more. Check out pages 10 and 11 for some summer snaps from our readers and don’t forget to keep those thumbs ups and downs and photos rolling in. Take care, until next time.